How to bring my parents to Spain?

How to bring my parents to Spain?

If you live in Spain and do you want to know how to bring my parents to Spain?, there are several legal options to achieve this. Below we will analyze in detail the main ways available, with their respective requirements and processes to follow. We will analyze which path you should follow depending on your situation in Spain, the requirements you must meet in each case and how the legal process works.

Bringing your parents with a tourist visa

One of the easiest ways to bring your parents to Spain is to help them obtain a tourist visa. This allows them to enter Spanish territory for a maximum period of 90 days in order to visit you.

The requirements for the tourist visa are usually not too complex. The first thing to determine is whether or not your parent’s country of origin requires a visa to enter Spain as a tourist. If so, they will need to complete the required application and paperwork at the Spanish consulate prior to travel.

If their country of origin does not require a visa, your parents will be able to board the flight directly with their valid passports and upon arrival in Spain they will be allowed to stay as tourists for 90 days.

Another common requirement is to present a letter of invitation. This shows that your parents intend to stay at your home during their stay and that you are responsible for their support.

The tourist visa is undoubtedly the easiest option for a short stay with you in Spain. However, its major limitation is that it only allows up to 90 days in the country.

Bringing your parents with an EU card

A longer-term alternative is to apply for a community card for your parents. This option applies if you as a child are of Spanish nationality or of any other member country of the European Union.

The main requirement for this route is that your parents must prove that they have been financially dependent on you for at least 2 years prior to the application, without having received any state support or income of their own. This means that you will need to provide proof of the transfers or financial support that you have been providing them with on a consistent basis over that period of time.
One advantage of the community card is that there is no age limit for parents. Regardless of their age, they can benefit from this process if they can prove that they have been financially dependent on you prior to the application.

If your parents are from a country that requires a visa to enter Spain, they will first need to apply for an EU family member visa at the Spanish consulate in their country. There they will present documentation supporting the family relationship with you and economic dependency.

Once the visa has been granted, your parents will be able to travel to Spain and subsequently carry out the procedures to obtain the community card in Spain. This will grant them the right to live and work in Spain continuously, as long as they continue to meet the requirements.

Through family roots

Another excellent option if you are a Spanish citizen is to apply for your parents’ residency based on family roots. Thanks to a recent reform of the regulations, this route offers great advantages such as:

  • It is not necessary to prove economic dependency if the parents are over 65 years old.
  • They are granted a card valid for 5 years and with the right to work.
  • It is not compulsory to have private medical insurance.
  • There is no need to prove minimum financial means.

Considering these advantages, the process can be carried out entirely from Spain, without the need for an initial visa. Your parents will have to personally manage the application at the corresponding immigration office.

How to bring my parents to Spain?

Family Regrouping

Family reunification under the general regime is applicable to non-EU sons and daughters who have a 5-year long-term residence permit in Spain.

Although this option is mainly intended for parents over 65 years of age, there are also exceptions for specific cases.

Here the primary requirement is to prove the economic dependence of the parents, which is done by demonstrating regular remittances equivalent to more than 50% of the per capita income of the country of origin according to official data.

In addition, other general requirements must be fulfilled, such as presenting a report of adequate housing for the number of occupants and demonstrating stable economic income of the child requesting reunification.

The process begins at the immigration office where the child will present all the required documentation. Once the authorization is issued, the parents may apply for their visa at the Spanish consulate in their country of origin. With the approved visa, they will enter Spain and will be able to process their residence card there.

Card under the Entrepreneurs Law

Children residing in Spain with a golden visa, researcher residency or highly qualified residency can apply under the Entrepreneurs Law to request the coming of their parents.

The procedure consists of requesting a residence authorization for a dependent relative, demonstrating the economic dependence of the parents. This request is made 100% online through the Large Business Unit (UGE).

Once the authorization is approved, the parent may apply for a visa at the embassy or consular office in his or her country and then travel to formalize his or her residence in Spain.

Bringing your parents for non-profit residency

If none of the above options completely suits your situation, it is possible that non-profit residency is the right solution. This type of authorization allows you to reside in Spain without working and is granted to those who can prove that they have at least 26,000€ in their bank account and have taken out private medical insurance.

If your parents have sufficient funds and meet these requirements, this could be the last avenue to bring them to Spain. In addition, if you include their spouse in the application, you will only have to prove a small difference in the funds contributed.

In summary, bringing your parents to Spain is a feasible process if you follow the proper steps and meet the requirements established by the Spanish immigration authorities. Each route has its own advantages and requirements, so it is important to have the advice of professionals in the immigration field, such as Apply Golden Visa, to successfully complete your process. These experts in visas and immigration procedures can make the whole procedure simpler and worry-free for you and your parents

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