Those who wish to acquire residency, either workers or freelancers, are entitled to stay in Spain if they work remotely.

The Law considers this kind of residency a ‘Golden Visa’ which means that the benefits, requirements and legal proceedings are going to be almost the same as the rest.

Spanish Digital Nomad Visa

What is the visa for Digital Nomads?

Anyone can apply a digital nomad visa if the people are working in a spanish company or a letter of invitation. This, it increase the possibility of apply the nomad visa by remote worker.

Who can apply for it?

Foreigners who wish to reside in Spain, or are already in the country, and carry out an employment or professional activity at a distance for abroad companies, by means of the exclusive use of computer, telematic and telecommunication means and systems.

In addition, qualified professionals can prove that they are graduates or postgraduates from reputable universities, vocational training and business schools of recognised prestige or with a minimum of three years’ professional experience.

  • International Remote Working Visa

The duration lasts one year maximum (unless the working period lasts less than that). Therefore, it will be enough to reside in Spain and work around the whole country.

Prior to the expiration of the Visa, if you would like to renew it in order to obtain residency, you have to maintain the same requirements for the initial application.

  • International Remote Working Residency

The duration of this Residency lasts three years maximum (unless the working period lasts less than that).

If you would like to renew it, such period will last for two more years but you have to maintain the same requirements for the initial application.

Legal Requirements & Legal Proceeding

In addition to the Legal Requirements, the following must be accomplished:

  • Working for one year for a company.
  • Prove that the work can be done remotely.
  • The company must be allocated out of Spain.

Having a working relationship during, at least, 3 months prior to the application.

Bearing in mind that the ‘Nomad Visa’ is also considered as a ‘Golden Visa’, the Legal Proceeding is identical.