The Investor Visa in Spain is a top choice for obtaining the Golden Visa in Spain.

The Investor Visa in Spain offers attractive opportunities for foreign investors. Our website provides detailed information and guidance to achieve success in the process. Join us and start your exciting investment journey in Spain!

the investor visa spain

Those who wish to acquire the Investor Visa Spain through this way must make a “significant investment” in Spain. This can be any of the following

  • 500.000 € in properties.
  • 1.000.000 € in investment funds.
  • 1.000.000 € in deposit guarantee funds of a Spanish bank or financial institution.
  • 1.000.000 € in shares of a Spanish company which has genuine activity.
  • 2.000.000 € in Spanish public debt.
  • Set up a business project to be considered of general interest.

Would you like to get the Golden Visa in Spain for investors?

Investment made by a company

If the investment is made by a company, which is domiciled abroad and not in a tax haven*, the applicant must hold, directly or indirectly, the majority of voting rights and the power to name or dismiss the majority of the members of its management body. By complying these requirements, it may acquire The Investor Visa Spain

Apply Golden Visa Spain - Golden Residency | Apply Now

Apply Golden Visa Spain - Golden Residency | Apply Now

Investment made by a couple

Another way to obtain an investor Visa in Spain is if an investment is made by a married couple in joint ownership or similar, but the amounts indicated above must be doubled. Otherwise, only one person can apply and the other can obtain the visa as a family member of the applicant.

Real Estate Investment Spain

  • To live in

    Spain is known worldwide for its excellent climate, its culture, the Mediterranean diet and its excellent education system. That is why many foreigners decide to come to our country to enjoy these great advantages.

  • Investment

    According to the National Statistics Institute (INE), the price of housing has increased by 138.74% since 2016.

    It is this upward trend that encourages foreigners to allocate part of their capital to acquire real estate in order to get a higher return and recover their investment in the medium term.

  • Holiday Destination

    Due to the fact that the Golden Visa allows the absence for long periods of time, many foreigners choose this option as a “second home” to enjoy their holidays in Spain.

Why choose this option?

It is the easiest to do since a purchase of one or several properties in Spain whose sum is equal to 500.000 € free of charges is required. Any amount higher than that can be perfectly financed.

It’s necessary for the investors to know that there is no need to buy just one property but more than one.


1 property

620.000 €

free of charges



Direct payment from the investor


may be financed


5 properties

820.000 €

free of charges



Direct payment from the investor


may be financed

In order to confirm such purchase, the applicant must:

  • Comply with the Legal Requirements.
  • File the Purchase Title in a Public Deed.
  • Present the “Registry Entry” provided by the Land Registry.
  • Certify the payment of the appropriate taxes.

To obtain a Real Estate residency for investors in Spain Is it necessary to have bought the property/properties before the application?
If you have not formalised the purchase of the property/properties a “Contrato de Arras”, or similar, may be filed together with a certificate from the Spanish financial institution confirming that the agreed amount as per the “pre-contract” has been deposited.

“Contrato de Arras” (Earnest Money Contract) is a private document whereby the buyer of a property delivers a certain amount of money to the seller to guarantee that it will honour its side of the contract, meaning the future purchase and sale.

Considering that the law does not state any “certain amount” to be deposited, it should be around 10% of the whole price of the property/properties but, ultimately, it is up to what both parties may agree on.

The main purpose of such a contract is to protect the legal interests of both the buyer and the seller: if the buyer breaches the contract through his own fault, the seller can take that amount as compensation. However, if it is the seller who breaches the “Contract of Deposit” through his own fault, the buyer is entitled to claim double the amount deposited.

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