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Apply Golden Visa in Spain

Apply Golden Visa Spain - Golden Residency | Apply Now

Why acquire a Golden Visa?

Did you know that Spain is one of the main destinations in Europe to acquire this type of residence? Would you like to set up your own business and expand among Europe? Would you like to bring your family with you and enjoy the advantages that Spain offers?

The so-called “Golden Visa” is a residence visa for foreigners to reside temporarily in Spain. So, whether you are an investor, international remote worker, entrepreneur, start-up, highly qualified professional or you are looking for an intra-corporate transfer, this kind of residency will be the best option due to the amount of benefits in comparison with others.

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Why choose Spain as your Golden Visa application destination?

Golden Visa Benefits

  • Allows absences from Spain for lengthy periods without losing the residency. Whereas ordinary residents would normally have to stay a minimum 6 months in the country
  • The families of the investors may accompany them immediately without having to wait one year.
  • The possibility of obtaining Spanish nationality.
  • Includes permission to work.
  • The initial duration of the Golden Visa will be for 3 years (as against one year for other residencies) with successive renewals for 5 years.
  • The application is made electronically. Either by the applicant or through a legally appointed representative.
  • The chance to move, easily and quickly, through all the Schengen Area*. Opening the “Gateways to Europe”.