Entrepreneurs and Business Activity

Allows to enter and stay in Spain for one year to carry out the previous procedures to be able to develop an entrepreneurial activity with no need for a previous period of residence.

This must be of an innovative nature with special economic interest for Spain, for which certain reports submitted to the Spanish Public Administration are required.

In addition to the above, it is necessary to comply with the Legal Requirements & Proceeding.

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Apply Golden Visa Spain - Golden Residency | Apply Now

Intra-corporate transfers

Foreigners moving to Spain with a company or group of companies must be in possession of the corresponding visa, provided not only the Legal Proceeding, but also the following:

  • The existence of a real business activity.
  • Having a higher degree or equivalent or, where appropriate, a minimum of 3 years of professional experience.
  • The existence of a previous and continuous employment or professional relationship of 3 months with one or more of the companies in the group.
  • Documentation from the company accrediting the transfer

This type of authorisation has two modalities:

A. Residence authorisation for intra-company transfer

In the case of temporary transfers to work as a manager, specialist or for training, from a company established outside the European Union to an entity belonging to the same company or group of companies established in Spain.

The maximum duration of the transfer will be 3 years in the case of managers or specialists and one year in the case of trainees.

B. National residence authorisation for intra-corporate transfer

This authorisation shall be granted in cases not covered in the previous modality or after the maximum duration of the transfer provided for in the previous paragraph has elapsed.