The so-called ‘Startup’ is a company that, either has been newly created, or when less than 5 years have elapsed since the date of registration of the Public Deed in the Commercial Registry or less than 7 years depending on the type of company.

Legal Requirements

If your company would like to be considered as such, the following requirements must be accomplished:

  • Not having arisen through a merger, demerger or transformation of companies that are not considered emerging.
  • Do not distribute or have distributed dividends, or returns in the case of cooperatives.
  • Not be listed on the regulated market.
  • Have their registered office or permanent establishment in Spain.
  • 60% of their employment contracts are in Spain.
  • Being up-to-date with their tax and Social Security obligations and no previous convictions.
  • Develop an innovative entrepreneurial project with a scalable business model.

If such company achieves the above requirements, the Empresa Nacional de Innovación S.A will certify such condition. This means the enterprise will be able to apply for several financial and economic benefits.

Student Startup

It is recognised as an ‘educational tool’ in order to promote the study program for potential young entrepreneurs.

It will have a limited duration of one school year, extendable to a maximum of two and covered by civil liability insurance or another equivalent.