How to enter Spain without a visa

How to enter Spain without a visa

How to enter Spain without a visa

In many occasions it is thought that entering Spain without a visa means to be committing an illegal act, but the reality is that there are a series of factors that allow a person to enter Spain without a visa, fulfilling a series of requirements.

When can I enter Spain without a visa?

There are different countries such as those associated to the European Union or countries of the Schengen area that do not require visas for some trips to the country.

In addition, there are other countries that, in spite of needing a visa, there are some exceptions to enter Spain without a visa.

These situations in which you can enter Spain without a visa include those transfers of short duration, that is to say, less than 3 months and that is something punctual. This means that you cannot make continuous trips taking advantage of the situation of entering Spain without a visa.

Requirements to enter Spain without a visa

Although there is a situation where it is allowed to enter Spain without a visa, there are also a series of requirements that need to be fulfilled when entering the country.

Valid magnetic-reading passport

Having a valid passport is one of the essential requirements to enter Spain without a visa, as it will be the main method of identification as soon as you get off the means of transport.

A valid passport, in addition to not being expired, implies that its expiration date is not less than the following months (which is considered a short stay).

Insured lodging and security

Having a place to stay during the stay is another important factor to enter Spain without a visa, and this must be demonstrated, either with the hotel/apartment reservation or with an invitation if the stay will be in the home of a person residing in Spain.

To have travel insurance

As before, countries such as those of the EU have agreements where medical coverage is shared. In the case of other foreign countries, it is necessary to travel with a medical insurance that will cover the expenses in case of suffering any admission or medical attention.

Having a return ticket

It is as important to prove the obvious as it is to prove your intentions. You must have a return ticket dated less than 90 days from your arrival and take it out yourself. This ensures that the person who proceeds to enter Spain without a visa does not intend to stay irregularly.

Economic solvency

As in the previous case, you must demonstrate that you have sufficient economic means to live in the country during your stay.

The minimum established with which you can enter Spain without a visa is 95 ¤ per day, with a minimum of 950 ¤ regardless of the duration of your stay.

Interrogation in case of doubt

In some occasions, in spite of demonstrating all the previous requirements and your intentions, the police forces of foreigners can request an interrogation to clear some doubts of why you want to enter in Spain without visa.

If this happens, the main thing is to keep calm and try to prove it in the best way.

ETIAS: extra security

In order to better protect the borders, the EU approved from 2022 an online form that you must fill in to visit the countries of this agreement. When you fill in this form with your data, you will fulfill another requirement to enter Spain without a visa.

Up-to-date health guidelines

Since the pandemic occurred, there are different requirements such as having the complete vaccination schedule or PCR that you should consult well at the time of travel, as it may be another reason why you will not be able to enter the country.

entrar en España sin visado

These are the requirements to enter Spain without a visa that you need to know for a short trip. In case you plan to make more visits or need a residence visa, do not hesitate to request information and we will facilitate the whole process.

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