Reasons to live in Spain

Reasons to live in Spain

Reasons to live in Spain

There are countless reasons to live in Spain every year, so if you are still undecided, today we will talk about the 8 most important reasons why foreigners and native-born people love living here.

1. It has a privileged climate

One of the most important reasons to live in Spain is desired by many people worldwide is its privileged climate. The climate in this country is Mediterranean, so most days are sunny with sunsets no earlier than 6pm in the summer, and later until 9pm in the evening in the summer season.

Reasons to live in Spain

2. High quality of life

This privileged climate also increases the quality of life, as it affects our state of mind and therefore, people feel like enjoying themselves, being outdoors, increasing their social life… Undoubtedly, this is one of the reasons why living in Spain is one of the most surprising for foreigners when they start living in the country.

3. Very hospitable inhabitants

Spaniards are very hospitable and very proud of their country, which is why they also like it when people from other parts of the world decide to live in Spain and enjoy it. In addition, they will teach you about their way of life as well as their traditions and interesting facts.

4. Incredible gastronomy

Fish, meat, vegetables, fruit, cereals… Spain is undoubtedly a born producer of incredible top quality products. Who could resist a plate of ham accompanied by a toast with EVOO?

Spain is undoubtedly one of those destinations that will win you over with its flavours, which is why its gastronomy should help you to come and live in Spain.

5. Developed infrastructures

Most cities in Spain are connected by some form of transport, so getting from one place to another will take you no more than a day. In addition, with access from the sea, it also has more than 50 ports.

6. Tax advantages as a foreigner

Many countries such as Spain constantly support the development and support of foreign investment, as well as the movement of these to the country. For this reason, there are many tax benefits or advantages for foreigners who finally decide to live in Spain.

7. Great nightlife

As well as having a great quality of life during the day, it also has a great quality of life at night. Enjoying the great atmosphere in the many pubs and nightclubs will give you another side and reason to live in Spain.

8. Business and development opportunities

In addition to all the above reasons, Spain has a large business community that attracts thousands of people. If you believe that the main reason why you want to live in Spain is for work, do not hesitate to enjoy the advantages of the Golden Visa, which we can apply for easily and without worry.

We are sure that after these reasons for living in Spain you have already made your decision, so do not hesitate to contact us to start your journey in the legislative and regulatory field in a correct and simple way.

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