Arraigo familiar: a way of residence in Spain

Arraigo Familiar España

Arraigo familiar: a way of residence in Spain

In Spain there are different types of ways to obtain legal residency in Spain, among which is the Arraigo Familiar, which makes it easier for foreigners who can prove that they have a link with a Spanish citizen to obtain legal residency in Spain. Previously, the main option was family roots for having a Spanish child, but nowadays the possibilities have been extended to include cases such as marriage to a Spanish citizen.

What is “arraigo familiar” in Spain?

Arraigo familiar is a temporary residence permit for exceptional circumstances that can be granted in Spain to foreign nationals who are the parents of a Spanish or EU child.

It is also granted to children of parents who were originally Spanish. It allows legal residence and work for 1 year, and can be renewed thereafter.

How to acquire Arraigo?

In order to obtain family roots, it is very important to have the necessary documentation and the appropriate advice to ensure that this type of family roots is processed and managed.

Necessary documentation to apply for a residence permit based on family ties

  • Application form EX-10 in duplicate.
  • Valid passport.
  • Criminal record certificate from the last country of residence.
  • Documents accrediting the family ties and situation (birth certificates, marriage certificates, etc.)
  • Be up to date with your obligations, if applicable.
  • Payment of the foreigner’s tax 790 code 052.

All foreign documents must be legalised and translated into Spanish if necessary.

How Apply Golden Visa helps with the process

This immigration process can be complex. That is why hiring the services of a company like Apply Golden Visa streamlines the process and guarantees success.

We take care of reviewing your particular case, preparing the required documentation, making the necessary arrangements with the Spanish administration and ensuring that you meet all the requirements.

Thanks to our experience in immigration and personalised guidance, the family roots will be a simple process, avoiding delays or problems in the application derived from mismanagement of the process.

Requirements to obtain family roots in Spain

The main requirements to apply for family roots residency in Spain are as follows:

  • Not to be a national of the European Union.
  • Not have a criminal record in Spain and previous countries.
  • Not be banned from entering Spain.
  • Be in one of the following situations:
    – Being the parent of a Spanish minor and cohabiting or being up to date with obligations.
    – Being the spouse or partner of a Spanish citizen.
    – Ascendant or descendant of a Spanish citizen.
    – Being the child of parents who are originally Spanish.

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