What is Relocation Service: All you need to know

relocation service

What is Relocation Service: All you need to know

Relocation service specialize in helping individuals and families settle smoothly in a new global destination. They handle all the logistics of the process so the person can focus on their professional goals and adapt socially.

Moving to another country brings excitement for the new adventure, but also challenges due to the transition to a new culture and environment. When an international change is for professional or personal reasons, having expert support can make the difference between a positive experience or a difficult one.

In this blog we will explore in detail what relocation services consist of, what they include, who uses them, the types of visas they process, and how they alleviate the burden and stress of the big change of moving abroad. If you are considering an international move or simply wish to learn more about this industry, this blog will interest you. Let’s get started!

What is Relocation Service?

Relocation service refers to the assistance provided to individuals and families when moving to a new city or country for personal or professional reasons. A relocation service manages all aspects of the moving process to make the transition smooth and stress-free.

Relocation companies provide a wide range of services to take care of everything from finding a new home, shipping belongings, arranging school enrollment, obtaining visas and work permits, to providing cultural and language training. They have expertise in navigating complex immigration laws and requirements to ensure a successful transfer for the relocating employee and their family.

Who is Relocation Service Targeted To?

Relocation services are most commonly used by:


When companies transfer Highly qualified professional to new offices in different cities or countries, they often hire relocation services to handle all aspects of the move. This ensures the employee can focus on their new role. It is part of an attractive relocation package companies offer to top talent.

Expats and Immigrants

People moving abroad for personal reasons also leverage relocation services. This includes expats coming to work in a new country or immigrants moving permanently. Relocation specialists help them get settled with less stress.

Government Agencies

Government bodies like foreign embassies may use relocation agencies to arrange international transfers for diplomats, officials, and their families. The service handles logistics allowing the personnel to focus on their political responsibilities.

Military Families

Military families are frequently relocated from one base to another as assignments change. Relocation services assist these families with the moves to new cities or abroad by taking care of housing, schooling, and integration.

Types of Visas for Relocation Services in Spain

Relocation specialists in Spain are experts in securing the right visas for foreigners moving to Spain for personal or professional reasons. Some of the most common visas include:

Work and Residence Visa

The most common for foreigners who want to live and work in Spain. Requires having a job offer and allows residing in Spain for up to 5 years.

Non-Lucrative Residence Visa

For foreigners who do not plan to work in Spain but want to reside here. Requires proving income and health coverage. Allows residing 1 renewable year.

Family Reunification Visa

For spouses and children reuniting with a foreigner relative already legally residing in Spain with a long-stay visa.

relocation service

Student Visa

For foreigners admitted to a Spanish educational institution. Covers the duration of the study program. Requires enrollment proof and financial resources.

Researcher Visa

For foreign researchers carrying out specific projects at Spanish universities or research centers.

Intra-Company Transfer Visa

For employees of multinationals temporarily transferred to a branch in Spain. Covers 6 months to 3 years.Relocation services in Spain handle managing these visas for a smooth transition. They advise on the best option according to the case.

In summary, moving abroad is an important decision that involves lots of preparations. Professional relocation services can eliminate the stress of the process and facilitate a smooth transition to the new culture.

In our company, we have years of experience in global relocations and a team specialized in processing visas for expatriates in most countries. We know visa requirements in detail and make the process quick and simple.

Our visa management and relocation services will allow you to focus on your goals in the new country, while we take care of all the paperwork. We look forward to helping you with this exciting transition!

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